Seminar in Archival Studies 2016

 4 July 2016 – 16 July 2016

CaptureThe Medici Archive Project (MAP) is pleased to announce the call for participation to our summer two-week seminars in archival studies and early modern Italian palaeography in Florence, Italy.

Taught in small classes and supported by MAP’s resident and visiting faculty of expert scholars, students will be immersed into Italian archives (with particular emphasis on Florentine archival collections); examine in-depth various documentary typologies; read diverse early modern scripts; and learn how to plan research in archives and libraries across Italy. This seminar is especially relevant for advanced graduate students studying Renaissance and early modern topics.

Participating students will be taught at the Biblioteca Domenicana at Santa Maria Novella, as well as visiting other archives in Florence and Rome.

The seminar will run for two weeks, from Monday 4 July 2016 to Saturday 16 July 2016. The seminars are composed of three-hour lessons and instructor-led reading classes, as well as time spent on independent research at the Archivio di Stato in Florence. Students will be encouraged to develop and augment their research proposals with new archival sources, network with scholars in their field, access other archival and bibliographic resources particular to their research, and engage one-to-one with MAP fellows. Former student reviews can be found here or here.

Prospective applicants should send a one-page CV and a brief statement explaining how this course will benefit their current research  by July 1st, 2016 for entry to the Summer Seminar.

A working knowledge of Italian is required.

The course fee is $1000, payable upon acceptance on the course.


  • Introduction to Archival Research in Italy (Alessio Assonitis)
  • The Medici Archives: Organization, History and Structure (Alessio Assonitis)
  • Manuscripts and Documents (Alessio Assonitis & Maurizio Arfaioli)
  • Court Studies and Material Culture vis-à-vis the Guardaroba Medicea (Sheila Barker)
  • Visit to Capponi Family Archive delle Rovinate (Niccolò Capponi)
  • Il Mediceo Avanti Principato: The Pre-history of the Medici & Le Carte Strozziane: The Missing Link of the Medici History (Marcello Simonetta)
  • Letters and Registers in the Este and Gonzaga Archives (Tamar Herzig)
  • Notarial Archives and the Medici Popolani (Nicoletta Baldini)
  • Medici Patrimony and the Grand Ducal State (Giuseppe Parigino)
  • Avvisi and Newsletters in Early Modern Italy (Brendan Dooley)
  • Archives and Architecture: Giorgio Vasari  (Francesca Funis)
  • Heraldry and related resources from the State Archive of Florence (Laura Cirri)

Source de l’information : http://www.medici.org/onsite-archival-studies-seminar/

Giulia Ventrella-Proust

Giulia Ventrella-Proust est chargée de la gestion du projet de recherche international EDITEF, coordonné par Chiara Lastraioli et portant sur "Le livre italien dans l'espace francophone à la première modernité" (Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance). Elle s'occupe du suivi et de la coordination du projet, ainsi que de la recherche scientifique et de sa valorisation auprès de la communauté scientifique et du grand public.

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