Training School

“Late Medieval and Early Modern Book Culture – Book Production, Book Ownership, and Book Collecting”


Deventer, Netherlands, 27-30 November 2016

Organisation & Aims

COST Action IS1301, studying „New Communities of  Interpretation. Contexts, Strategies and Processes of Religious Transformation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe” is a research network uniting over 120 researchers from 21 European countries. To contribute to the creation of research networks within and outside academia, it furthers connections between experienced scholars, regional and national archives and libraries as well as the upcoming generations of researchers.

The COST Action proudly presents a Training school on “Late medieval and Early Modern Book Culture – Book Production, Book Ownership, and Book Collecting”. This COST Action Training School focusses on late medieval and early modern book culture. Particular attention will be given to bookproduction and -reception, the Modern Devotion and Erasmus, but also to late medieval book collecting. In the master class and workshops of this Training School the original objects (manuscripts; books; etc) will have a prominent role. Also field trips will be made into the historic cities of Deventer and nearby Zutphen. In the latter city also the original medieval city library will be visited.

The venue of the Training School is the Athenaeum Library, in the city centre of Deventer. The organizers are drs. Garrelt Verhoeven (director Deventer Verhaal, local organizer) and prof.dr. August den Hollander (COST-Action).

Situated at one of the most beautiful rivers of the Netherlands, the IJssel, lies Deventer, one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands. As a Hansa town Deventer grew into a thriving centre of trade, flourishing in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Also otherwise the city had a prominent place. It was in Deventer that the religious movement of the Modern Devotion arose. This movement, guided by Geert Groote, deeply influenced spiritual life in large parts of Western Europe at the end of the Middle Ages and thereafter. Due to the quickly growing number of houses and monasteries that were affiliated with this movement, a high demand for books arose. The Modern Devotion therefore also had great influence on book culture in Deventer and its vicinity (Zwolle; Zutphen; etc), a book culture that was already rather prominent due to the presence of a flourishing Latin school. In 21st-century Deventer traces of this period are still clearly visible and sensible: in the ancient buildings of the city: the House of Geert Groote; the heritage collections; the museums; the Athenaeum Library with its splendid collections, including (parts of) the library of the Heer Florens House.

Call for Applications: Closing 6 November, 2016

The fifth Training School of the COST Action IS 1301 will be organized in cooperation with Deventer Verhaal (Heritage Centre) Deventer and the Athenaeum Library Deventer. Ten Ph.D. (or advanced M.A. candidates) can be offered the opportunity to participate in lectures and workshops during a three-day event. The participants will have also the opportunity to present their own research project and ponder its challenges together with their peers and the teachers of the TS. The three-day Training School will include lectures, workshops, and field trips.

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Source de l’information : Wijsman, Hanno, « Training School COST : “Late Medieval and Early Modern Book Culture”, 27-30 nov. 2016 », dans , Annonces, Paris, IRHT, 2016 (Ædilis, Sites de programmes scientifiques, 4) [En ligne]
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