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Studium Conference: R. Adam, The Book Market between France and the Low Countries in the 16th Century The Book Market between France and the Low Countries in the 16th Century

Studium Conference

11 janvier 2018 – 16H00


 Renaud Adam

The Book Market between France and the Low Countries in the 16th Century


The Book Market between France and the Low Countries in the 16th Century

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Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance (Tours)
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Vient de paraître

Anton Francesco Doni

Lo Stufaiuolo

édition numérique réalisée par Elena Pierazzo

dans Scholarly Editing, revue annuelle de l’Association for Documentary Editing

[édition en ligne]



« The Stufaiuolo is certainly not the most beautiful or original play of the Italian Renaissance, yet it holds much to tempt the modern reader. From its unusual plot to the aesthetic value of the manuscripts to the originality of its language and the ingenuity of the punctuation, it seems clear that the Stufaiuolo has been neglected for too long. The current edition fills this gap and offers its readers the tools for a full appreciation of all aspects of this comedy. Despite being around for more than twenty years, digital editions still seem to need to justify themselves. This edition of the Stufaiuolo is no exception to that rule, in particular because it is very unusual in the field of Italian Studies to offer the edition of a single work on the web. I can only hope that presenting the text in this way will establish a practice that has so much to offer to editors and readers alike. »

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Cours de formation pour la jeunesse

« La didattica del manoscritto e

del libro antico per bambini »

© CESR, Tours - BVH

giovedì 29 e venerdì 30 gennaio 2015

Docente Simona Inserra.

Il corso vuole essere un’introduzione al tema della didattica 
laboratoriale del manoscritto e del libro antico per i bambini. Saranno 
analizzate alcune attività erogate in Italia e all’estero e le modalità 
di progettazione secondo le specificità dell’utenza e della struttura 
ospitante. Ci si soffermerà in particolare su alcuni casi di studio.

Gli incontri si terranno presso la Sala conferenze della Biblioteca 
Civica di Mestre – Villa Erizzo Piazzale Donatori di Sangue, 10 – 30171 
Mestre (Ve). L’incontro fa parte del programma di formazione regionale per 
bibliotecari 2014-2015 organizzato in collaborazione con la Regione 

Iscrizioni dal 12 al 17 gennaio 2015.

Il programma completo, i requisiti per partecipare e le modalità di 
iscrizione si possono consultare alla pagina

Call for paper

11th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries –

IRCDL 2015 Bozen-Bolzano

29-30 January, 2015

Call for papers

The 2015 edition of the 11th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries (IRCDL 2015) is committed to preserve the traditional emphasis on the multidisciplinary nature of the research on digital libraries, which has been characterizing the conference over the years. This multidisciplinary nature ranges from computer science to humanities in the broader sense, including research areas such as archival and library information sciences, information management systems, semantic technologies, information retrieval, and new knowledge environments.  This is a continued challenge for the DL field and there is the need to continue to contribute to improve the cooperation between the many communities that share common objectives.

Another focus of IRCDL 2015 will be on the deep changes affecting the world of scientific communication, where new non linear but object-centric products are progressively taking shape, and on the growing role of the integration, publication, and preservation of research data

More details and topics  :

© CESR, Tours - BVH

© CESR, Tours – BVH


Training school COST Action IS1301

First Training School on

Production and Use of Religious Texts

in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Honorat fleuron

COST Action IS1301 New Communities of Interpretation

in cooperation with the University of Antwerp

organized by

August den Hollander (Antwerp/Amsterdam)

and Sita Steckel (Münster)

29-31 October 2014 in Antwerp

The deadline for application is1st July 2014

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and on the homepage:

Appel à candidature BNF

Appel à chercheur au sein de la

Bibliothèque nationale de France


Le programme de l’appel à chercheurs a été lancé par la Bibliothèque nationale de France en 2003 ; il lui permet d’accueillir, chaque année universitaire et de manière individuelle au sein des départements, huit nouveaux chercheurs associés. En 2004, la Bibliothèque nationale de France a décidé d’accorder un soutien financier à deux chercheurs invités pendant un an, une troisième bourse étant réservée, à partir de 2012, aux travaux de recherche portant sur l’histoire du livre et des bibliothèques. Depuis 2006, des bourses de recherche sont offertes chaque année par des mécènes, sur des thèmes spécifiques : bourse Fondation Louis Roederer sur la photographie ; bourse de Madame Claude Maillard sur l’oeuvre de Claude Maillard ; bourse de Monsieur Mark Pigott sur l’histoire, les arts et l’histoire de l’art, l’innovation et les technologies ; bourse Prix de la BnF sur l’oeuvre d’Yves Bonnefoy.

Candidature à déposer avant le 28 avril 2014 – 12h00

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News from USTC


New Italian Imprints Discovered in French Libraries

Grazie al lavoro attento e minuzioso di Shanti Graheli, USTC si arricchisce di 22.000 descrizioni di libri italiani presenti in 25 biblioteche francesi.

3.600 esemplari sono stati descritte in modo esaustivo ed alcune edizioni risultavano, fino ad oggi, del tutto ignote.

Per maggiori informazioni si veda al seguente  indirizzo

Honorat fleuron