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Un portail dédié aux célébrations du V centenaire de la mort d’Alde l’Ancien

Manutius Network 2015

Un projet du CERL


Aldo Manuzio

Few printers have contributed as much to the advancement of the humanist book as Aldus Manutius (c. 1451 – 1515). His family press was active in Venice, Bologna and Rome for over a century, from 1494 to 1598. Its publications have been collected and studied up to the present day as milestones in the development of Western civilisation. Manutius Network 2015 is a website dedicated to the events for the celebrations of the fifth centenary of Aldus’s death. The aim is to provide a comprehensive picture of the conferences, seminars and exhibitions in honour of Aldus, the Aldine press and its books taking place throughout the world. Organisers are warmly invited to share details of their events and seize the opportunity for publicizing them and for collaborating with colleagues across the globe. The project is developed under the auspices of the CERL.

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