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CERL Workshop

Historical Provenance Research

Material Evidence, Documentary Evidence and Digital Humanities

Wednesday 17 September, 9.00-11.00; 11.30-13.30

Honorat fleuronThe Workshop will focus on today’s integrated approaches to provenance research. Cristina Dondi will present the databases Material Evidence in Incunabula (MEI) and Paul Needham’s Index Possessorum Incunabulorum (IPI). Marieke van Delft will present the CERL Thesaurus and Can You Help. Marian Lefferts will talk about the provenance research facilities in Heritage of the printed Book (HPB) and CERL Portal.

Another stream will focus on other European projects on provenance research integration, as well as on the use of documentary evidence to complement evidence-based historical research.

Finally there will be a discussion on Digital repositories for provenance images.

Honorat fleuronPart 1. Provenance Research: CERL’s integrated approach (9:00)

Material Evidence in Incunabula and IPI (C. Dondi)

Cerl Thesaurus and Can You Help (M. van Delft)

Heritage of the Printed Book and Portal (M. Lefferts)

Part 2. Other European Projects (11:30)

Integrating Provenance research in France (Monique Hulvey)

Probok (Per Cullhed)

Digital repositories of images of provenance – open discussion

Documentary evidence: The Zornale of the 15th-century Venetian bookseller for evidence of prices and lost editions (C. Dondi and Neil Harris)

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